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Doc’s is hiring!

Doc's is hiring

We’re looking for new crew members to join the Doc’s team and grow with our company.

Working at Doc’s takes a special kind of person: you need to be strong, because our food isn’t for the weak. You need to be hard-working, because good food doesn’t make itself. You need to be resourceful, because you never know what’s going to happen out there. And you need to have a sense of humor, because it’s more fun that way.

Notable perks include free food, catering excursions all over the Bay Area and a quite competitive wage.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be our newest crew member, send your resume and a brief cover letter explaining why you’re the right person for the job to

Doc’s Schedule

Check Twitter @Docsofthebay for daily locations and changes!

Please note: Doc’s will be closed 12/23 – 1/2 for the holidays


LunchSF @ Mission Dispatch, (12/12), 11a – 2p @ 18th & Bryant (1975 Bryant)


Lunch - No set gigs

Dinner - Oakland @ the Kingfish Pub & Cafe, 6p – 9p @ Claremont & Telegraph


Lunch Oakland @ Doc’s Pod, 11a – 2p @ Snow Park, 19th & Harrison. Accompanied by Liba Falafel, Curry Up Now & Cupkates.

Dinner - El Cerrito @ Off the Grid: El Cerrito, (12/18 & 12/14 )5p – 8p @ Fairmount Ave b/w San Pablo Ave. & Carlson Blvd. (a few blocks from the El Cerrito Plaza BART, authorized parking at Mechanic’s Bank)


Lunch - Emeryville @ Doyle Hollis Park, 11a – 2p (62nd & Hollis)

Dinner - No set gigs


Lunch - SF  Truck Stop  (12/20), 11a – 2p (Mission St between 1st & Fremont in the alleyway midblock)

DinnerOakland @ every First Friday, 6p – 9p (in front of Uptown Body & Fender, 25th Street b/w Telegraph & Broadway 

Saturdays & Sundays:

No set gigs, check us on Twitter  and Facebook for up-to-date locations & hours

Join the Doc’s Crew!

Doc’s is seeking additional crew members as we roll into what is already becoming a fast-paced summer. By joining Doc’s you’ll be joining a tight-knight crew of hard-working, fun-loving burger slingers who truly care about the business we help run. Doc’s employees are endowed with a high level of freedom, authority, and responsibility to run the truck as we see fit, and we’re looking for someone who will take ownership over the truck and not only provide a high level of service, but who will also contribute passion and ideas to the business.

Here’s what we’re looking for in an employee:

-Management/leadership experience (not required but strongly preferred): Every day is different at Doc’s, and while at times we all need to follow orders, we’re much more interested in people who can call audibles — quickly adapting their strategy in response to new challenges and changing conditions.

-Confident customer service: The basic skills at Doc’s are very trainable; more intrinsic is the ability to provide consistently excellent customer interactions. We need people who can easily chat up customers to form relationships and hype the business.

-Logistics: We’re looking for a full-time commitment to a semi-regular schedule. You can expect 35-40 hours a week with a mostly regular schedule that is subject to change as we pick up and drop gigs. Weekends are pretty imperative.

Interested? Send a resume or a note about yourself to

“Doc’s Would Be Nothing Without…” Part II: Green Hollow Preserves


The Green Hollow pickle is not only the secret ingredient in the Doc’s Classic Burger, it is the primary component of the standard Doc’s employee diet. “Seriously, I eat probably 50 pickles per shift,” claims Justin Hedrick. “I bleed brine,” adds Eileen Persona. Doc’s has put these sumptuous salty cukes on each and every burger (special requests excepted, as well as those times when we forgot to order them… Our bad!) since we served our very first one in March of 2011 (happy birthday to us, by the way!). Since then we’ve gotten creative — breading and frying the pickles, serving them on the black bean burger, injecting the brine — but always while sticking with the same classic, thick-cut chip for our burger. They even have a special setting on their slicer just for us!

Green Hollow started almost simultaneously with Doc’s, and our businesses have grown side-by-side. Co-founded by a chef and a finance guy, it would seem that their pickle formula was not Green Hollow’s only recipe for success. We’re proud to serve their products and to call them our friends, and we’re always excited to try everything they come up with. Remember those red onion pickles? Man, those were good! Green Hollow also makes a variety of of chutneys that we are anxious to incorporate into future specials, and that you can try for yourself as well. Their products are available at Bi-Rite, and you can learn more on their website,

The best burger in the San Francisco Bay Area can’t skimp on the details — down to the pickle, Doc’s ingredients are the best around.


“Doc’s Would Be Nothing Without…” Part I: Firebrand Artisan Breads


Premium burgers start with premium ingredients, and whether you start from the top or the bottom, the first thing you’re going to run into when you’re sizing up the Doc’s Classic Burger is a big fluffy challah bun. Doc’s is proud to support Firebrand Artisan Breads — our neighbor in Emeryville and our favorite bakery anywhere — because the best burger in Oakland has to start with the best bun.

Each morning when we stop by to pick up our buns we walk through a normal-seeming if oddly flour-coated front office into the belly of the beast: in the center of a large, open back room, snarling like a fire-breathing dragon, stands a massive and imposing wood-fueled oven. Matt, the owner, plunges his oversized pizza paddle (HUGE! Like, fifteen feet long!) into its fiery depths like a sword into the heart of the monster, pulling from within all of the baked masterpieces we wish we had ordered for ourselves. Awe-sticken, we leave with several suspicious-looking unmarked brown paper bags full of “the goods.”*

While we tend to stick to the challah buns, of which we order nearly a thousand in a typical week, the folks at Firebrand churn out myriad products as diverse as they are delicious. Our favorites include the walnut wheat levain, the sour baguette, and those pretzels… My god, those pretzels… We’re always looking for new ways to incorporate Firebrand baked goods into our food (i.e. to pass off other people’s delicious creations as our own), and many of our new or hypothetical dishes are conceived around their specific products: beer sausage with sauerkraut and hop aioli on a Firebrand pretzel roll? What do you think?

*(Did you know? When the egg wash drips down the side of the challah bun, pooling on the floor of the oven and subsequently crisping up while still adhering to the side of the bread, that’s called a “bun omelette” in DocTalk, and it’s delicious.)

The Mighty Mighty Fried Chicken Sandwich

The Beloved Fried Chicken Sandwich

The Beloved Fried Chicken Sandwich

What was once an elusive special at our food truck now graces the menu with its permanent presence. That’s right, you heard it here, folks: the fried chicken sandwich is here to stay. Currently the hippest food on the planet and especially in San Francisco and Oakland (see the latest issue of Bon Appetit magazine), the fried chicken sandwich fits perfectly into Doc’s repertoire of updated standards — cooler versions of our favorite comfort foods. It is as unpretentious as it is delicious, and it allows for a surprising amount of creativity.

Here at Doc’s we start with what has become the standard version of this contemporary classic — a fried boneless breast atop a jalapeño and green cabbage slaw — but from there we depart unto a sandwich all our own. It starts and ends with fennel: our slaw is riddled with shredded fennel bulb and dark fennel greens, those same greens find their way into our buttermilk dressing, and the breading with which we coat the chicken is laced with fennel seeds. The resulting aroma from our fryer has been detected as far away as Santa Barbara, and the sandwich itself takes on a delicious and subtle toasted licorice flavor. At once robust and reserved, this sandwich is the bomb if you love fennel, but still fantastic even if you’re not a diehard. Don’t worry — we stopped short of adding Jagermeister to the slaw, though we did think about it. Seriously.



Let Doc’s Cater Your Super Bowl Party

Let Doc's Cater Your Super Bowl party


We’d love to cater your Super Bowl party! Okay, so we won’t bring the food truck, but we will provide you with (deconstructed) sliders and snacks, so you can watch the game. Probably would be best if you’re hosting a mid- to large-sized party. In some cases we will deliver. Please inquire through the contact form on the left for more information, menu, and pricing.

Doc’s of the Bay

An update on an American standard—the neighborhood burger shack.

The shack of yesteryear provided its patrons with a place to sit on a stool and waft in the billowing scents of frying onions, ground beef, and cheese, which, when combined, always made you feel good. We at Doc’s have made four innovations to freshen this indispensable experience and let it sit well with the contemporary conscience:

Our purpose at Doc’s is to enrich the local community through comfort food: to give you a product and service that brightens your day, and to do it in a way that is both conscientious and fun. We think it is a considerable thing to strive toward, and we hope you do too.

More About Doc’s:

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Snow Park Pod, Oakland

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our own Oakland food truck pod on Snow Park, 19th and Harrison. We’ll be there for lunch every Weds 11-2 with LIBA Falafel, Seoul on Wheels, and Cupkates! Super psyched. Can’t wait to see you there!

This Month’s Special: Ancho Chile Brisket Sandie

Our first special The Ancho chile brisket returns for its comeback tour one year later. This sandwich would be seriously delicious if it was two pieces of Firebrand walnut levain placed next to each other. Fortunately, we’ve stuffed it with a slow-cooked, dry-rubbed brisket, house Ancho chile sauce, horseradish mayo, and a cool cabbage slaw. It gets a little messy, so be sure to grab a fork and a bunch of napkins. And don’t forget the ketchup.