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The Doc’s Classic Burger


The Doc’s Classic Burger commercial


“A standard not many sandwiches…could meet.” -John Birdsall, East Bay Express

“If you are a burger nut like me, you MUST try that burger.” -Z L., on Yelp, 3/18/12

“Finally, an SF burger that can help me end my impossibly long-distance relationship with Shake Shack” -Matt Van Horn, via Twitter, 4/10/12

“These guys make a damn good burger…” -J.R., on Yelp, 12/29/11

We believe The Doc’s Classic to be the most delicious burger, of any price, in California.

Locally-butchered, hand-mixed 5oz. Black Angus patty, smashed on the griddle with an antique sad-iron; melty American cheese; a pillowy Firebrand challah bun; house special sauce, Green Hollow Preserves Slicer Pickles, hothouse tomatoes and fresh, crisp butter lettuce. You’ll have to taste it to believe it. Click here to see the video!

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