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The Doc’s Classic Burger

We believe the Doc's Classic Burger to be the best burger in the San Francisco Bay Area at any price.

Photo courtesy of Zoe Meyers!

We believe The Doc’s Classic to be the most delicious burger, of any price, in California.

Locally-butchered, hand-mixed 5oz. Black Angus patty, smashed on the griddle with an antique sad-iron; melty American cheese; a pillowy Firebrand challah bun; house special sauce, Green Hollow Preserves Slicer Pickles, hothouse tomatoes and fresh, crisp butter lettuce. You’ll have to taste it to believe it. Click here to see the video!

“Tops among food truck burgers…is Doc’s of the Bay.”

-Grub Street, Top 50 Burgers in SF

“A standard not many sandwiches…could meet.”

-John Birdsall, East Bay Express

Doc’s Black Bean Burger

black bean burger.wordpress

Our goal was to create a vegetarian sandwich so good it would make even the staunchest carnivore think twice before ordering our Classic burger.

The Doc’s Black Bean Burger was the result: an earthy black bean and corn-studded patty together with a light jicama & red cabbage slaw, green onion aioli, Monterey Jack cheese, and a Firebrand challah bun for a healthy sandwich you’ll want to eat again and again.

Original Red Bell Ketchup

Our burger pictured with Doc's homemade red bell pepper ketchup!

Our take on America’s classic condiment is made from red bell peppers and without corn syrup. Sweet, tangy, bright and complex, this ketchup will change everything you thought you knew about your favorite sauce. A great addition to any menu item!

Now on the Menu Full-Time: Fried Chicken!

By popular request, the buttermilk battered jalapeno-dill slaw fried chicken is back.

Potlatch-Dusted French Fries, Green Beans, or the Double Whammy

We serve french fries and sauteed green beans as sides.

For sides, we serve thin, matchstick french fries or cast iron-sauteed Blue Lake Green beans, both dusted with our proprietary Potlatch seasoning. A half order of each, the Double Whammy, is the best of both worlds. Perfect thing to top off your burger.

Warm, Honest, Decent Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious chocolate chip cookies are a nice way to top off a burger.

Honest and decent, these cookies are always fresh-baked and kept warm in our truck oven. They are really good, and they make you feel that way too.

Specialty Sodas

Pure cane sugar sodas in a variety of flavors from Fitz’s Cream Soda to River City Root Beer to Cock N’ Bull’s Ginger Beer, these are all best in class, and very refreshing.

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